The Best Hockey Shooting Pads - Going Bar Down (2023)

It has become a lot easier to work on your hockey skills off the ice, with some premium options for hockey shooting pads and other training aids. In this guide, we will review the best hockey shooting pads on the market so you can step up your off season hockey training to include working on your shot, even your one timer! We have ranked these hockey shooting boards by durability, slide, and ease of setup! Our pick for the best hockey shooting pad is the EZPUCK on/off ice shooting board combo, as it gives you the ability to practice one timers and stick handling all in one convenient setup.

Our Recommendations

Hockeyshot Ice Revolution Tiles

Best Overall Hockey Shooting Pad

These synthetic ice shooting tiles come in packs of 10 and give you the ultimate flexibility in how big you want you shooting pad to be. Perfect to setup in the basement or on the driveway, these can also be used to work on your stick handling and passing!

Buying Options

Lowest Price USA

EZPUCK On/Off Ice Ultimate

Best Shooting Pad Combo

This is really an all in one shooting and passing board with an EZ passer at one end. On the XL sized board, you can easily work on one timers, and its perfect for on and off ice training. This is our vote for the best shooting pad on the market and once you try it, you will easily see why!

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Lowest Price USA

Plastic Shooting Board

Best Budget Hockey Shooting Pad

Missions top of the line roller hockey pants are exceptionally breathable and have 4-way stretch fabrics so you’ll feel no restriction during the game. They are also designed with abrasion resistant knee zones for improved durability!

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How We Did Our Research


  • 1. EZPUCK On/Off Ice Shooting Pad Ultimate Combo
  • 2. Hockey Shot Ice Revolution Tiles
  • 3. EZPUCK XL Shooting Pad with Passer
  • 4. EZPUCK Shooting Board
  • 5. Plastic Hockey Shooting Board
  • Conclusion

Getting new gear of any kind is no joke, but inline specific gear is something a lot of ice hockey players may not know a lot about. In this guide we did extensive product research to make it easy for you to make the right choice. We looked at performance, durability, comfort, and protection as the main considerations for each piece of equipment. We will break down the best inline hockey pants, girdles, and padded shirts so you can step up your roller hockey game!

Need something to shoot at? Check out our guide on the best hockey nets!

1. EZPUCK On/Off Ice Shooting Pad Ultimate Combo

Specifications and Features:

  • Extra Large Surface Area – With this hockey shooting pad coming in at 48″ X 96″ with a flexible skill pad that rolls up for easy storage and setup
  • One Timer Puck Passer – With this hockey shooting board you can easily work on passing, or shooting off a one timer by using the puck passer at the end of the board.
  • Stick Handling Pylons– This shooting pad combo also has built in holes to set stick handling pylons on, and this comes with a set of 6


This is without a doubt one of the best off ice training tools you could want, with the ability to work on passing, shooting, and stick handling. The extra large size gives you the ability to shoot with ease while practicing one timers or quick release shots. The flexibility of this hockey shooting pad is really ideal as you can roll it up for easy storage, and use it both on and off the ice! The stick handling pucks are really an underrated feature, as you can set them up in different orientations to create your own shooting drills!

Lowest USA Prices

2. Hockey Shot Ice Revolution Tiles


Specifications and Features:

  • 18″ X 18″ Tile Size – Sold in packages of 10, each ice revolution tile is 18″ X 18″ so you can make a fair sized hockey shooting board with just one package
  • Self Lubricating– Designed for a seamless shooting and skating experience, these hockey tiles are self lubricating so you never have to apply anything to keep the puck sliding like real ice
  • Easy Setup / Takedown – With an easy symmetrical clipping system, these tiles easily attach and detach for any setup orientation you could want for your hockey shooting pad

Boca BradPure Hockey ReviewerRead More

These tiles are exactly as advertised. They provide a great surface for the kids to shoot from. They use real pucks on it and it slides perfectly.


If you’re looking to set up a full on off ice skating experience, you can easily do that with a few packages of the Hockeyshot ice revolution tiles. If a hockey shooting pad is all you’re looking for, then one package will easily give you enough flexibility to work on your shooting and puck handling where ever you decide to set it up. One of the things we like the most about it is that you never need to clean it, and its weather resistant so you can keep it in the backyard all year! It is super easy to setup and take down, and offers one of the best “on ice” feels of any synthetic ice you will try!

Lowest USA Prices

3. EZPUCK XL Shooting Pad with Passer

Specifications and Features:

  • Large Surface Area– The EZPUCK XL shooting pad has dimensions of 48″ X 96″ with a skill pad that can be rolled up for storage and quick setup when you’re done practicing
  • One Timer Puck Passer– A durable rubber band at the end allows you to work on your passing skills, one timers, and quick release shots without needing another player
  • On Ice Feel– An innovative synthetic ice material will have you thinking you’re shooting off real ice, that’s how good it will feel

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stickNpuckPure Hockey ReviewerRead More

I have 3 sons who have all used this and love it. The rebound band is still good as new even after all its use. Great for shooting and skills.


As you have probably noticed, this hockey shooting board is very similar to our top recommended shooting aid, but it doesn’t come with 6 stick handling pylons. It is the exact same size and a great option if you’re looking to work on your shooting and passing off the ice! It comes in at a cheaper price point than the EZPUCK Ultimate Combo, and doesn’t sacrifice anything in surface area. The feel of this synthetic ice is really surreal when using real pucks, you won’t even be able to tell the difference as the friction is identical! This is a close runner up for the top hockey shooting pads and will not let you down.

Lowest USA Prices

4. EZPUCK Shooting Board

Specifications and Features:

  • Thin Construction– A lightweight and thin synethic ice makes this hockey shooting board easy to set up and move around
  • Large Surface Area– What is almost a standard size for the XL hockey shooting pads, the EZPUCK shooting board has dimensions of 48″ X 96″ for plenty of room to hone your skills
  • Great Synthetic Ice Feel– Even though it is constructed thinner than some of the other EZPUCK shooting boards, you won’t notice this at all when you’re shooting or puck handling as long as it is on a relatively solid surface

Fahs12Pure Hockey ReviewerRead More

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but I was torn between this, some of the smaller shooting board or the floor tiles.In the end I chose this & I don’t regret it.This is thinner then your average shooting board as it is meant to roll up for storage/ make the weight lighter since it weighs almost 25lb.The things I wanted to accomplish were: Be able to practice stick handling for myself and my young daughter. Be able to shot off of it. Be able to pass back and forth, from one end to the other.This does all of that at a solid price point.



The EZPUCK hockey shooting pad is a perfect compromise if you don’t need the passer, but still want a relatively large surface so you can work on both stick handling and shooting. The synthetic ice feel is tremendous, and you will easily be able to feel the improvement in your skills when you step back on the ice! One of the best features of this shooting board is that it gives you a big surface area, but it is also easy to fold up and store away when you’re done using it. This is one of the top hockey shooting boards without a passer, and we highly recommend it for any off ice skills training!

Lowest USA Prices

5. Plastic Hockey Shooting Board

Specifications and Features:

  • Smaller Surface Area– If you’re pressed for space, this is the hockey shooting pad to consider coming in at 30″ X 40″
  • Easy Carry Handle– This generic hockey shooting board comes with a built in handle, so its easy to move around and transport wherever you need to practice
  • Unbeatable Price Point– Coming in at a significant discount to all the other shooting pads on this list, its a absolute steal of a deal if you’re not looking for a super big surface


This plastic shooting board is as simple as they come, but it still creates a really good synthetic ice feel so you won’t miss anything in that department. It comes in a much smaller size than most hockey shooting pads, so if you’re tight on space this might be the product to consider. It is easy to carry around and transport, so you can easily move it from the basement to the garage without any effort. The only downside to this hockey shooting board is you don’t have a lot of space to try and incorporate any stick handling drills while shooting. Overall, this is our best budget hockey shooting pad and is especially attractive if you don’t have a lot of room!

Lowest USA Prices


We hope that after reading this article you’ll have a good feel for all the different hockey shooting boards out there and can make the right choice for your off ice training. The best part is there is a ton of variety, so you can work on passing, puck handling, and shooting all in one easy setup. To conclude, we think the best hockey shooting pad is the EZPUCK Ultimate Combo for its impressive synthetic ice feel and ability to work on passing, shooting, and stick handling. If you have any comments on the products we have reviewed today please reach out and let us know!

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