How to Clean an Air Purifier - Important and Easy Steps (2023)

Have you ever felt like your air purifier isn’t doing what it’s supposed to? Has its performance been going down lately? No problem, it just needs a little cleanup. The only thing you need to do is follow a few instructions for cleaning the air purifier and you’re good to go. Air filters are the most essential part of an air purifier; these filters need a simple clearing up to start work just like the beginning. The market has come up with a lot of filters for air purifiers; each kind has a separate cleaning process. HEPA filters and ionic filters have completely different cleaning processes that should be followed. Do not experiment with yourself if you want to maintain the quality of such an air purifier.

This article will be a great insight into how to clean an air purifier.

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  • Can You Clean Air Purifiers?
  • Can The Filters be Washed?
  • Can A HEPA Filter be Washed?
  • Cleaning Process:
  • Cleaning ionic air purifiers
  • Conclusion: How to Clean An Air Purifier?
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Can You Clean Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers have been gradually establishing their place in the market by making name for their amazing air deliverance. The device isn’t just an expert at providing fresh and clean air but also works hard at killing all those germs and bacteria that are usually part of it. It’s a weapon that should stay close to us when outside forces are preparing to do damage. Like every other weapon that needs taking care of before it delivers its best performance, air purifiers require cleaning as well. That way you ensure the device works properly for a very long time. It’s how things usually happen when you get everything in focus and you get to experience the very nature of it all.

It is especially necessary when you’ve got family members that rely on the machine to prevent any triggers for asthma or different allergy. Many air purifiers take the approach of changing filters when they’ve become expired. However, some of the others use washable filters that you can keep on recycling by thoroughly cleaning them. If the filters are all clogged with lint and pollen without being washed or cleaned for years then you need to make sure you get to the business of cleaning them for all.

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Can The Filters be Washed?

As I’ve already mentioned above, air purifier filters can be washed if they’re of the washable kind. Filters are the most important feature of any air purifier if you preserve its quality by keeping it clean, the device will surely work efficiently. Not only this, it will become even more durable and strong, eventually preserving the overall life of the machine. Unclogging the pores, packed with thick and coarse particles from the filters will become a task for most. However, the help of a few instructions from the manual+ will certainly make things easier.

Many individuals don’t take the task of washing filters seriously. Owning an air purifier comes with a hefty amount that is a big investment for most. To prolong the life of such an efficient device, one must take care of everything it has to offer without worrying about it getting damaged, only then you’ll be able to get the most out of the cash you purchased it for.

Can A HEPA Filter be Washed?

A HEPA filter(high-efficiency particulate air) is one of the most incredible filters of all time. They’ve been a part of many conventional air purifiers with the HEPA taking center stage with its highly effective performance of clearing out particles as small as any other individual and bacteria as well. It’s the main filter that does the job of removing small, hard-to-capture particles from the air. A HEPA air purifier is doing its part by removing small particles, what you can do is keep it clean every day since this is the most hard-working filter of all with the most clogged pores. One has to be extremely careful in removing anything that can become an obstacle in its path of reducing airborne particles. The more particles it captures, the less efficient and effective it becomes. Therefore it is highly important to clean the HEPA filter, especially when there are allergies and other health issues at play.

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Cleaning Process:

The actual cleaning process depends upon the type of air purifier you have. Always know what you’re doing by taking out the manual that comes with the package and skim through the details of what exactly does it say. This way you can complete it by being a part of it all. Some of the steps you can follow are:

  • The first most important thing you can do is to take precautions by doing this task of clearing the air purifier. Whatever you do, your health comes first so protect yourself by wearing a mask and gloves that prevent any damages done to you. This is highly crucial if you suffer from allergies as well. If your air purifier is catching and capturing some extreme pollutants, take measures by wearing such attire.
  • Next is to keep anyone suffering from allergies out of the cleaning area as there are going to be chemicals and debris released while you’re cleaning the machine. This would be harmful to allergic individuals and might trigger some reactions.
  • Make sure to unplug the equipment before you even start the cleaning process.
  • Take the damp cloth and start with the task of cleaning the exterior of the device. Wipe down the front of the machine.
  • Then move towards the task of first clearing the air intake grille. Do this by taking out a vacuum and setting it at the lowest setting. This way the entire gunk will be sucked out of the grill without much problem. The low setting would create enough pressure for all the particles to be pulled out of the device.
  • All the interior features and equipment need to be taken out of the machine along with all the filters.
  • One by one start vacuuming all the parts of the machine, this includes the filters as well. Gently clean the filters by washing them with cold water or vacuum. Handle the filters with a lot of care as many of them are made with some delicate material.
  • Be careful while you reset up all the equipment within the air purifier. Be sure to first let everything dry and then work through the reinstallation. Do not install wet filters as they might eventually grow mold within them. Air dry them all and then set up the device.

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Cleaning ionic air purifiers

Ionic air purifiers work differently than HEPA ones. They function by negatively charging the airborne particles, forcing them to surrender to the forces that are the filters. The charged particles become heavy and land on many surfaces through which they are easily drawn into the device. Cleaning them comparatively a little easier. Even though they are designed to be cleaned without help, it’s still mentioned that they should be cleaned within a short period of time. This is because of the metal plates that are present within the machine. You have to take out the plates in order to clean them up with water. They are required to be cleaned quickly within a short time interval so that they work properly. This is because of the pollutants and debris that might settle over the plates. Since the plates are used in the ionic filters, it is important to preserve their quality. The dust settled might prevent that from happening and would decrease their performance as well.

Conclusion: How to Clean An Air Purifier?

Whether you choose a HEPA filter or an ionic air purifier, cleaning is necessary in both cases. It’s how one preserves the quality of the things they invest in since they’re not purchased for one-time use only. Ionic air purifiers are relatively easy to clean due to their simple interior. HEPA filters need a little more cleaning time and effort. It doesn’t matter how effective your product is as long as you preserve its value. However, cleaning isn’t as crucial once you realize it’s equally important to handle these devices with care. As long as you use your products with care and gentle hands, your product would live well past its expiry. So keep your air purifier clean with the help of our guide and enjoy healthy and fresh for years to come.

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