Decorative Door Knobs For French Doors - (2023)

Where To Best Place Dummy Door Knobs

Antique Style Door knob Install and French Door Trim

Dummy door knobs are more of an ornamental piece rather than functional door hardware. These dummy door knobs do not add security to your home. There is no latch, lock, or keyhole to keep your space closed. To open a door, you do not need to turn the knob. Also, the installation of these door knobs is much easier compared to latching door knobs.

If you want to add life to a boring interior door, a dummy door knob is your best bet. Read further to find out the different types and suitable places for installation.

What Is A Full Dummy Door Knob

Another type is the full dummy door knob. These are full-sized door knobs that come in a set, and there is no latch included. Instead of a roller or ball catch, this makes use of a flush or surface bolt. This bolt mounts on the face of the door without the need for a mortise or hole.

The same with half dummy door knobs, you can install full dummy knobs in closets and pantry doors. Aside from these places, you can also install the knobs on double doors and utility doors.

Feel Safe & Secure With The Right Door Hardware

It is important to get the right door hardware to increase the security of your home. For exterior doors, youll need to choose door handles, such as door knobs and door levers, and front door locks and deadbolts. You can go with the traditional keyed entry or go modern with a smart door lock that you control from a smart phone or electronic door lock, such as a keypad door lock where you type in a custom code to gain entry to your home.

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Passage Door Knobs And Handles

Without any locking mechanism, passage door knobs and handles are intended for areas inside the home that dont require privacy. This area could be anything from a hallway closet to kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Designed with a simple latch that can be turned as you rotate the knob or handle, they are similar to dummy style knobs, but with one key difference: Passage door knobs only lack a lock, whereas dummy door knobs are stationary and dont even turn.

Passage door knobs and handles also come in a variety of styles, complete with decorative glass knobs and handles, along with ornately casted metal pieces.

Unique Door Knobs Add Flair To Your Home’s Decor

Decorative Door Knobs For French Doors - (1)

Unique doorknobs can improve the appearance of a room or act as stand-out features to catch the eyes of guests. From hand-painted designs to ornate metal shapes, doorknobs and door handles come in a wide range of styles that can improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, or liven up interior design and function.

Installing a unique doorknob on closet, bedroom, or even cupboard doors can add beauty, even whimsy, where we least expect it. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of an antique wooden doorknob or the sleek look of a clear glass doorknob, there are styles out there for just about any taste.

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What Is A Double Dummy Door Knob

If you like to have matching dummy door knobs, you can choose a double-dummy door knob set. Unlike a half dummy set, a double-dummy door knob has two matching knob handles in a set. You can install the two knobs on both sides of the door. This type is comparable to an actual door knob set, but there is no latch or lock.

Aside from the closet or pantry door, you can also install a double-dummy knob for double doors. For example, French doors are double doors, which need two dummy door knobs on both sides of the door. For two-door closets, you can also use a double-dummy door knob. Choosing double-dummy knobs will solve your problem with matching.

Always plan before purchasing your dummy door knobs. Regardless of the type, dummy door knobs only add some decoration to your doors. For all types, these are common in interior home doors. Also, be careful where you install the dummy door knob on doors that need a lock, like the main entry door of the house. If your interior door leads to the outside, it is best to use keyed or locking door knobs.

Chrome Door Knobs Guide

All You Need To Know About Chrome Door Knobs. When it comes to home décor and accessorization, it is the small details that matter the most. Take door knobs for instance. The size, design and material you choose will make a huge difference in how the door appears and how the entire set-up fits in with the rooms décor theme. However, in this case there are materials that you can

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What You Need To Know About Oak Fire Doors

Fire doors play an important role in the improvement of safety in any building. Fire doors come with an intumescent strip that acts like a seal, which expands in the event of fire. This expansion blocks the gap that exists between the frame and the door thereby preventing fire and smoke from passing through. New buildings ought to have fire doors fitted on all escape routes including the corridors and

What You Need To Know When Shopping For Door Knobs

Let’S Talk Door Knobs! What We Used

  • Make sure the door hardware will work with your door thickness
  • Take note of the door knobs required borehole size
  • Make sure replacement door knobs will fit your door
  • Check the required backset for your replacement door knobs
  • Determine whether the bolt or latch has round-corner or square-corner configuration
  • Door knobs purchased should be right for the application
  • Check the security grade for different types of entry door knobs
  • Look for premium-security designs with finishes that match your homes design theme

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Shop Door Knobs At Door Locks Direct

If you want to learn more about door knob functions or shop the widest selection of door hardware, including handlesets, deadbolts, keyless locks, and door accessories, get started at Door Locks Direct. See our different types of door knobs and place your order today. We offer free shipping on orders over $299 and free standard rekeying.

Half Dummy Door Knobs

Half dummy door knobs are non-locking door knobs that dont have to be rotated or turned when opening or closing a door. Instead, you simply pull on the door to open it. Half dummy door knobs are mainly used on double doors that close side-by-side, such as on cabinet and wardrobe doors.

These types of door knobs are decorative and ideal for applications that dont need a latch. Theyre available in a wide variety of designer styles and finishes to easily match your interior decor and architectural appeal. Theyre also simple to install and are an inexpensive option for non-locking applications inside your home.

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What Is A Dummy Door Knob Set

A dummy door knob set includes one or two door knobs, screws, and rosettes. In the set, there is no mechanical latch or locking system. Most dummy door knobs you can find are round, but other brands offer oval or crystal-shaped ones. Different brands also offer different door knob finishes to match your home design.

With these inclusions, the installation of a dummy set is simple. A dummy door knob set does not require you to drill a standard bore to attach the knobs. When installing the door knobs in a standard pre-drilled door, you only need to mount the dummy cover rosettes with the screws provided.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your dummy door knob. If you are replacing your dummy door knob with a new one, you can refer to these instructions.

Types Of Door Knobs And Where To Use Them

Decorative Door Knobs For French Doors - (2)

Door knobs play a key role in keeping your home or property safe. Theyre not only functional but also enhance the decor of a room. Whether youre replacing damaged door knobs or want to update the look and style of the doors in your new home, there are many different types of door knobs available to fit your needs. In this article, were going to look at the different styles and functions available to you and how to choose the right door knob function for each door.

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Special Door Knob Features

Door knobs with antimicrobial coatings can help prevent the spread of common germs and bacteria. This special coating also helps protect your finish.

A door knob with an adjustable backset makes it easier to install a new lock with your existing hardware. The backset is the distance from the edge of your door to the center of your bore hole. Its usually 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inches. Latches come in different lengths, so you may need an adjustable backset to make your new latch fit. Dummy knobs dont have latches, so they can be installed anywhere on your door.

Smart locks use wireless technology to lock or unlock doors with your smart device. They also let you give virtual keys, or guest codes, to your family or others you trust. The codes can be set to work for as long as you want.

Combination locks come with a deadbolt and keyed entry door lock that are keyed alike

Electronic door locks, similar to the ones on some cars, can replace physical keys. Some come with a physical key to use if the power goes out. Otherwise you lock or unlock them with a remote control or keypad.

Fingerprint door levers and deadbolts use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled keypads to recognize your fingerprints and lock or unlock doors.

Delay timers let you set how long your door waits after you unlock it before it relocks itself.

Built-in alarms alert you to possible security threats.

Easy-installation locks are designed to provide security and are easy for DIY-ers to use.

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Types Of Dummy Door Knobs

The three types of dummy door knobs are half, full, or double-dummy. All these types are non-turning and do not need a latch to close. For each dummy door knob type, there are suitable places for installation. Each type will also depend on the function of the door. Read further to learn more about each type.

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Refinish And Restore Your Period

Now that you understand the different types of door knobs and door handles, take a look at your existing doors. Do they have an older mortise style or are they simply a dummy door knob? Whatever you have, replace it with a vintage or antique replica or update it with a more sleek, contemporary style.

What Is A Half Dummy Door Knob

How to Install Cabinet Door Handles & Pulls – Decorative Hardware Installation

A half dummy is also known as a single dummy door knob. A half dummy set provides only one knob handle instead of two. The knob is outside of a door, which you only need to pull to open. A tubular roller catch mounted on a door jamb is enough to close the door. There is no need to install another knob on the inside of the door.

In general, most install half-dummy door knobs for single and non-latching doors. The common places to install half dummy door knobs are linen closets, pantry doors, or side-by-side French doors.

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Find A Finish You Love

There are a variety of finishes to choose from when it comes to door hardware so you can match your door knobs and door levers to the rest of your home décor. Try black door handles for a more modern look, brass door knobs for an elegant look or stick with the classics and go for the chrome door handle.

Door Knobs For French Doors

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Where It All Began

My husband and I are in the process of building a new home in the city after having lived in a farmhouse in the country for quite a few years. The style of our new home leans towards French Provincial, and Ive been focusing on some key elements that will help bring that style to life. Recently, Ive been focusing on the front door. This is such an important piece, as it gives the first impression to your home. One certainty with the front door hardware was that I knew I wanted to use brass. Its such a classic and timeless finish, and Ive seen it in a lot of French homes.

What Type Of Knobs On A French

Decorative Door Knobs For French Doors - (3)

What type of knobs does one generally put on a skinny French-door style closet? These are not full-size doors and they didn’t come pre-drilled for door knobs. Do I just get cabinet-style knobs or do I use full-sized doorknobs to match the other door knobs in the room ?

  • Sueb20

    11 years ago

    We have a closet with those type of doors and I just used it as an excuse to use some funky glass bureau-type knobs. Actually we have it in two places, now that I think of it. In the kitchen I used knobs that were white enamel in the center and trimmed with brushed chrome to match the other doorknobs . For our mudroom closet, I used funky oversized amber glass drawer pulls from Anthropologie. Depending on your decor/style, you could go crazy or just match your regular doorknobs. Also, depending on the size of your doors, regular-size knobs to match the others might look too large.

  • Like

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What Door Hardware Do I Need For Exterior French Doors

French doors or in other words double doors are commonly seen on many front entry ways of many homes now. We get asked quite a bit what type of hardware do you need to order for a set of double exterior doors? Exterior meaning you will want the door to have a keyed lock for security, but what else? Lets break it down to be little more simple.

French doors will have a fixed door and an operable door. It’s important to know which door is the active door and which door is fixed door, in other words is the active door on the left or on the right? This is important, because some levers and some handlesets require handing of the door. Here is a chart to help you figure out if your door is left hand or right hand.

If you want both french doors to open you can order either a few flush bolts or surface bolts that are installed at the top and bottom of the fixed door to lock the door in place and then you can simply unlatch it when you want the fixed door to open.

The most obvious piece of door hardware you may think to order is a keyed lock set. That being a keyed door knob, a keyed lever or a keyed handleset. If you decide to go with a keyed door knob or lever, you will also want to purchase a deadbolt to go above the door knob or lever. Any of these you decide to go with will be installed on your active door. Handlesets are nice because the deadbolt is already included and they look super nice on exterior doors, but these are a little more expensive.

Antique Crystal Door Knobs

While door knobs may not sound very interesting on the surface, the truth is that much of the history over the past two centuries have involved the use of door knobs made from different materials. Before the mid-18th century, the door latch was the most common way to secure a door. The invention of the door knob and the internal mechanics that allows for the easy locking and unlocking of

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Other Types Of Door Knobs

Other types of door knobs include:

  • Door Levers: Often found on French doors, door levers can be used anywhere standard knobs are used. These come in different sizes and are easier to use than regular door knobs, making them ADA compliant for handicapped users.
  • Handlesets: Door handlesets come with a handle and key lock to install on the exterior of a door. They also come with a lever or door knob for the other side of the door and a deadbolt. Theyre popular and attractive to use on front doors. After you unlock the door, you press a thumb latch on the handleset to open or close the door.

The Different Types Of Door Knobs And Handles

Garage door decorative handles and hinges

Door knobs and door handles offer a functional purpose in our homes, keeping us safe inside while also offering privacy to create a bathroom retreat. They can also add the finishing touch and provide a sense of style, adorning French double doors and main entrances. However, do you know the difference between a single and dummy door knob or handle? Or a passage door versus a privacy door? If not, thats okay! Van Dykes Restorers is here to unlock the mysteries of door knobs and handles.

From timeless mortise styles to exterior entry sets, here are the many different types of door knobs and door handles to consider for your home. With this guide, you can plan your home restoration right down to the door hardware.

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