BravoCon 2022: 10 Important Facts Every Bravo Fan Needs To Know (2023)

After three years of waiting and reminiscing, BravoCon is back for three days (October 14-16) in New York City! BravoCon first kicked off in 2019 with exclusive shows, events, showcases, etc... that mixed Bravo fans with their favorite Bravolebrities. After the Coronavirus halted BravoCon for a couple of years, Andy Cohen and Bravo are excited to bring it back to life this October.

But with different tickets to purchase and three exciting, jam-packed days in the Big Apple, there's a lot to unload about this exciting convention that brings together thousands of Bravo fans.

Bravolebrities Everywhere!

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The beauty of Bravo is that there are a ton of shows that have fans obsessed with the network. While The Real Housewives franchise is Bravo's biggest show, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Family Karma, and more, are all hits on the network.

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The best Bravo reality shows will be dissected at BravoCon. With so much star power, fans attending will be excited to know that most (if not all) of their favorite Bravolebrities are attending. BravoCon's official website noted that the good people from Summer House, Shahs of Sunset, The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, and Million Dollar Listing are all attending.

Here's What The Tickets Include

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To bump shoulders with the best Bravolebrities and like-minded people, fans can buy a variety of tickets that come with varying perks or amenities.

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As of this article's publishing, there are still tickets left for fans to purchase. According to the official website, there are two options fans can choose between: a three-day pass or a one-day pass. Within those three- and one-day passes are options that include different events at BravoCon. Fans can choose general admission tickets that include things like panels, the Bravo Bazaar shopping experience, and immersive experiences. Or they can choose VIP and SVIP tickets that include things like fast lanes to meet the Bravolebrities, a six-month Peacock subscription, and intimate meet and greets (to name a few).

Fans Will Get To Interact with Their Favorite Bravolebs

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The amazing thing about BravoCon is that it has such a plethora of events and panels that fans will be reminded of Bravo TV shows they totally forgot, or see a Bravolebrity they had no idea was going to be in attendance.

The BravoCon website has a complete schedule that shows fans in attendance what they're in for, and everything is scheduled by stage name and time. One of the coolest features is the "Bravoleb Photo Op," which allows fans to take pictures with their favorite Bravolebrities throughout the day for all three days.

There Will Be Live Showings Of WWHL

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For fans who didn't know a lot about Andy Cohen's talk show, Watch What Happens Live (WWHL), ticket-holders will be able to see not one, but two live tapings of the show on Saturday and Sunday.

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Saturday's WWHL experience will include interviews with Southern Cham, Winter House, and Vanderpump Rules. Later that night, an add-on of WWHL will continue with "Dynamic Duos," which include "Bravolebrity pairs." On Sunday, BravoCon will end with two live tapings of WWHL where a mix of Bravolebrities will pop in and shock audiences.

Bravo Game Night

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Fans will remember seeing clips of Housewives going against other Housewives or members of various reality TV shows going head-to-head against each other to win some kind of competition from BravoCon 2021.

At BravoCon 2022, the same will continue. Titled "Bravo Family Game Night," host Daryn Carp will moderate an epic game night between Bravolebs. People like Kandi Burruss (and her family) could go against The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Catania family, the Manzo family, or even those from Southern Charm (and vice versa). It's going to be an epic showdown that fans can laugh at and watch live.

Bravo Super Fans & Podcasters Will Be A Part Of The Fun

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There are some epic reality podcasts to listen to for Bravo fans. Some podcasts and social media accounts have made such a name for themselves in the Bravo-sphere that they're going to be a part of the fun at BravoCon as well!

The Real Housewives impressionist, Amy Philips (from Radio Andy's Reality Checked) will be doing cooking demos on Saturday with Bravo fan and chef, Chef Stuart Okeeffe. Instagram account @BravoHistorian will also be moderating the "Bravo, Bravo, F***ing Bravo" panel on Saturday morning. BravoCon has proven that the network cares about its fans as much as it does about its talent.

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Get Tea From The Real Housewives Producers

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There aren't many times the women of The Real Housewives break the fourth wall, or even those on Shahs of Sunset or Married to Medicine. However, when those moments happen, fans want to know all the tea that went on behind the scenes.

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Luckily for Bravo fans, there are segments that include in-depth conversations with some of Bravo's top producers. On Saturday, the segment "The Reunion Real Tea With Bravo Producers" will include producers like "Alex Baskin, Lauren Eskelin, Lisa Shannon, and Lauren Volonakis" who will unleash everything they've experienced while working on Bravo shows.

Housewives Besties Go Against Each Other

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Contrary to some rumors about Bravo shows being scripted, there are plenty of Southern Charm or The Real Housewives friendships that are real.

To show off how real some of these friendships are, BravoCon will have a segment called Bravo BFFs. According to the description, the segment will be hosted S.E. Cupp and include, "long-time BFF’s Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan, Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton, Amrit Kapai and Vishal Parvani, and Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards, compete to see which pair knows each other best." This is the game show of all game shows for Bravo fans.

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Fans Can Ask Andy Anything

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On Sunday afternoon, fans will get a chance to get to know host, producer, and creator Andy Cohen on a better level.

Titled "Ask Andy," Andy will answer questions from fans and spill behind-the-scenes tidbits that weren't known otherwise. With Andy having his hand in most of the shows on Bravo, getting to know insider secrets from the "Bravo Daddy" himself will be legendary.

Have Cocktails With Tom & Tom

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Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are two of the more beloved Bravolebrities because of their time on Vanderpump Rules. From waiters and bartenders to business owners and celebrities, the Toms have been through a lot in their friendship.

Because of their likability, Tom and Tom will host an interactive experience involving their famous cocktails. Called "Cocktails at Schwartz & Sandys," the Toms will make their famous cocktails from Sandoval's book and their restaurants in front of fans and Bravolebrities as the guests. Guests will include people like Brandi Glanville, Kate Chastain, Marysol Patton, and Kandi Burruss's family!

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What happens at BravoCon 2022? ›

BravoCon 2022 took place at New York City's Javits Center back in October. The unforgettable event included appearances from more than 140 Bravolebrities who spilled the tea at panels and in exclusive interviews and hung out with Bravo fans over the course of the wild weekend.

How many people attend BravoCon 2022? ›

Though BravoCon 2022—featuring nearly 150 Bravolebrities and attended by about 30,000 fans over one unusually warm October weekend—feels like an inaugural event, it actually launched in 2019.

How many people attending BravoCon? ›

1.3 Billion Impressions: How BravoCon Returned with a Bang. Bravo increased attendance from 10,000 attendees in 2019 to 30,000 this year.

Why is it called BravoCon? ›

What Is BravoCon? BravoCon is an annual fan event celebrating all things Bravo. (Think of it as Comic-Con for reality TV fans!)

Can you drink at BravoCon? ›

Enjoy delicious cocktails, mocktails and mixed drinks at one of our Bravo-themed bars, inspired by your fave shows as long as you're 21+.

How long does BravoCon last? ›

BravoCon is a 3-day event designed for the Bravosphere, where Bravoholics can come together to celebrate their fandom, while also sipping the hottest Bravolebrity tea.


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