Edited at 13.12.2020 – Writing a dissertation: Step-By-Step Guide 

Tips on Writing a Top-notch Dissertation

The process of writing a dissertation is quite demanding. It needs a particular approach for quality writing. Students struggle with the right way https://comoencasaalmeria.es/why-you-should-hire-the-best-essay-writing-service/ of writing their dissertations, despite having advanced research and writing https://directory.myusalocal.com/use-reports-from-online-essay-buying/ skills. Some common problems encountered by students include:

  • The complexity of the topic
  • The dissertation’s length
  • The complexity of the research methodology applied

Structuring a dissertation

Your dissertation begins with an intro that tells the reader a few things about you. It also describes the components of the research. The introduction should be clear and explanatory. The main areas of discussion should be determined by the research question. The methodology applied should be stated in the introduction. Ensure that the research is justified by clear and understandable steps followed by valid reason.

Literature review

The literature review provides a general understanding of the topic. It helps in identifying gaps in the study that require further research. The literature review has to be based on recent and relevant sources. When evaluating sources, the student should check on:

  1. The quantitative analysis used
  2. The analysis of texts and films
  3. The relationship between the sources used

The dissertation is structured according to the standard structure. There are rules for each section; thus, there is a particular guideline for each part. The dissertation should have a good flow of ideas that connect with each other.

The introduction

It is the beginning of a dissertation. When writing a dissertation, ensure it sets the pace for the rest of the paper. It should be captivating to the reader. When writing the introduction, give details of:

  1. The topic
  2. The focus of the study
  3. Objectives of the research
  4. Literature review
  5. The rationale of the study
  6. A clear outline of the dissertation

Research Methods

http://blog.luxjoy.com/?p=221073 Every research has a unique way of conducting research. The research must be logical and focused. You can use different methods to achieve your research goals. Research methods can be used to gather information from primary and even secondary sources. They include surveys, experiments, focus groups, and case studies.


What are the goals of your research? Mention them in the introduction. The goal statement should be specific and precise. It should specify your research goals precisely. Furthermore, include the aims and objectives you wish to achieve.

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